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"A leader’s life is full of challenge. Faster, higher, cheaper and more are the everyday requests. I provide sensible learning solutions to leaders who want to go beyond – who want to unleash full potential in themselves and in others. What I offer and how I approach business challenges together with my clients also goes beyond what you know from leadership training so far."


I tailor learning solutions to impact directly on your business challenge at hand. With a holistic view, I design trans-formation and organizational learning processes, facilitate team learning and deliver action oriented leadership trainings.


Learning is an important investment of time and energy. Like a good bank, I diligently focus on goals, on existing assets, on growth and on sustainability. My interventions link directly to daily business and take the whole context into account.


As an enabler and developper, I take learning and leadership training beyond the ordinary. With a creative mind I facilitate new ways to create value. My cliensts are able and willing to reflect and want to bring out the best in their people and in themselves.


It is my passion to develop: people and business alike. My personal ambition is to turn workplaces into growplaces. My clients work with me because they value my ability to build bridges between the rational and the human side of business.

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What I can do for you

Usually my clients have heard enough of leadership concepts and tools. I provide hands on and action oriented Training for Individuals. My main aim is that particpants can do more. It’s all about putting knowledge into practice.

Today, working synergistically as a Team is one of the most crucial abilities for value creation. I provide Team Training that builds the necessary competence so everyone can bring the best version of themselves to work - leaders and members alike.

Learning takes place in the real world – not in a class room. I build Learning Architectures that link directly to your context and the business challenge at hand. With this tailored-to-business approach, I ensure that learning stays relevant and impacts immediately on everyday work.

How many change plans generate anxiety and still fail to deliver true results? Together with your internal experts, I provide sensible and proven solutions for organizations that undergo Strategic Transformation. It’s all about guiding a successful journey - step by step. 

 Want to share a business challenge? Just interact with me.

"Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths."
- John P. Zenger

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How I do what I do

I always look at learning in the context of the three layers individual, team and organization and tailor learning solutions directly linked to your business strategy.

As a general rule I follow a double 70-20-10 approach:

70-20-10 as a design principle for individual and team trainings. There are typical cylces a well designed training goes through: theoretical foundation - reflection - application. I believe that in classical trainings the theoretical foundations are overrated.  In my trainings I turn the training pyramid upside-down, so practical application can become the main part. After my training people don't know more - they can do more.

70-20-10 as a design principle for learning architectures implies that learning takes place in the classroom only to a limited extent. Far more important is what happens before and after a training. Key questions  have to be reflected during training and in the time between trainings in order to put learning in context and in action.

Organizational change has often followed a mechanistic approach. "unfreeze - move - refreeze" was the imperative of this mindset. Many of these change project failed due to a lack of meaning, involvement and leadership of all levels.
I see organizations rather as a living organism and business transformation as an organizational learning process. Instead of fixing faulty parts, I explore new ways for the organization to create value. Together with my clients and with proven methods, we design this learning journey and assist leaders so they can win the organization’s tests of consistency, continuity and consequence.

Want to learn more about my approach? Just interact with me.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
- John F. Kennedy

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Who you work with

A lawyer and MBA by origin, leading and supporting corporate change has been the constant for the last 20 years. While my first projects rather focused on the quantitative part of business, I eventually realized that structures, processes or systems provide only the frameworks and pre-conditions for performance. In the end it is leadership and culture, collective behavior and attitudes that make the difference  between good performance and outstanding and lasting success.

After many years in different roles and industries I now focus on Learning, Innovation & Human Centered Customer Exprience.

Through my work, my studies and also my personal experience I came to believe that there is a simple formula for outstanding performance. In this formula, the notions of meaning, engagement and uniqueness play a vital role. They are the constant in my work - whether it is in learning, talent management, innovation or business transformation.

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"Engagement may have been optional in the past, but it's pretty much the whole game today."
- Gary Hamel

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Why investing energy

It is my personal passion to facilitate healthy, sustainable growth. My creative mind, my appreciative approach and my rigor in the learning process are the competence I want to engage for you and your organization. I am struck by the low level of engagement we accept as normal in the corporate world and at the same time see that source of productivity waiting to be tapped. I want to see workplaces turn into growplaces where people at all levels can bring the best version of themselves to work.

People who work with me appreciate that I inspire them to see their own world from a new perspective and so enlarge their options to achieve their goals. I am the pragmatic visionary that provides an uncensored view to top management and helps to build the bridges from strategy down to human interaction.

Based on their strategic business agenda I facilitate the process that enables leaders and staff to leverage this hidden potential. Hence, to go beyond.

Want to find out how you can go beyond? Just interact with me.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
- John Quincy Adams